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Using breakthrough plant-based technology,
SuprCuvr™ is both powerful and gentle on your skin

Kills 99.99999% of
COVID-19 Coronavirus

SuprCuvr™ is the ONLY Log-7 COVID-19 Coronavirus disinfectant in existence.

100% Plant-Sourced Ingrediants

Our Powerful organic ingredients are sourced from nature and combined by scientists for maximum effectiveness.


An enviromentally friendly hospital-grade disinfectant spray to protect our natural enviroment.


We use a biodegradable formula & recyclable packaging to ensure no negative impact on the planet.

Cruelty Free

Our products are NEVER tested on

Suitable for sensitive skin

Our plant-based ingredients have been combined together to be gentle on sensitive skin. Independently tested to show no irritation on skin.

LOG 7 Reduction

SuprCuvr™ is the only disinfectant killing 99.99999% (LOG 7) of COVID-19 Coronavirus

1000x MORE effective against COVID-19 than a 99.99% effective disinfectant



Have questions?

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Our team of scientists and experts want to ensure you have all the answers you need about SuprCuvr™.


What is SuprCuvr™ and what are the ingredients?

The active ingredient in SuprCuvr™ is called Caprylic acid, also known as Octanoic acid. It occurs in nature in various plants such as coconut.

Is it gentle on my skin?

SuprCuvr™ has been independently tested to show absolutely no reaction on the skin, because it is formulated using 100% plant based ingredients.

What does Log 7 mean?

Log 7 signifies a kill rate of 99.99999% of the respective pathogen.

Disinfectants use a system called the Log Reduction system to determine the efficacy. Essentially this gives a rating or Log number from 1 upwards, the number representing the number of 9’s in the effectiveness rating, i.e. Log 2 is 99% effective, Log 3 is 99.9% effective, and so on.

Is SuprCuvr™ TGA approved?

Yes, SuprCuvr™ is included in the ARTG, Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (AUST L - 37332).

Does it really kill 99.99999% of COVID-19 Coronavirus?

Yes, after rigorous testing SuprCuvr™ was certified to kill 99.99999% of COVID-19 coronavirus by independent laboratories in Australia and is included in ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods).